Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I Live As Man

I have run as the wolf, on through the night
over many terrain, past tree at knee height.
I have felt the warmth of his fine shaggy coat,
I have howled the cold breath from his deep throat.

I have flown as the Eagle over waters and land,
Felt the feeling of freedom from my winged hands.
Soared high above vibrant valleys below,
Through rainbows and sunsets and clouds of snow.

I have swam as the Dolphin in seas deep and blue,
Over coral reefs and wonders so wild and so new,
Raced with ships and with fish then dived down deep,
Played as an angel in a watery sleep.

I have galloped as Horse with wind in my mane,
Stood high on the mountains over a golden plain,
Whinnied to skies, and bowed to the ground,
Rumbled my hoofs echoing thunder sounds.

I have fought as the Bear, so mighty and bold,
Felt the power of my swing on foes of old,
I have hunted with skill and speed of paw,
Then rested in caves through winters so raw.

I have traveled as Man mile upon mile,
By road, sea and air in various style,

I have dreamed through the eyes of lives so unique,

But these dreams humble me...

for it is as Man that I am weak..

"I Live As Man" by J. Saunders©1998