Monday, January 20, 2014

Update - 01.20.14
Your grandmother is in the hospital right now. Has been for several days. She'll be stabilized then sent back to the nursing home at hospice care level. Once back it is believed she'll have anywhere from a few days to a few weeks before the infection takes her life. She's not suffering at all and she's pretty loopy so is not much aware of anything let alone her situation, which is good. Over the coming days she'll just get more and more loopy. Eventually she won't regain consciousness. And one day soon simply just won't wake up again. 

However, for your chance to do the right thing, time has run out. I've said before, regrets suck and life is just too short to go around making more. This is one that you will have to own for a very long time. I hope you don't wait around for the next regret.